Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions about Map Tactic.

  1. Do I need to load any software?

    No! All that is needed is what you are probably already running, Map Tactic is a completely cloud based service. We do require that you and your Briefing attendees use a HTML5 compatible browser with JavaScript enabled and that's it.

    We do not require that you download any software, open up any ports in a Firewall, or give out your personal IP address.

  2. Will everyone who I invite to a Briefing need to register on the Map Tactic website?

    No, only the Briefing planner needs to register with our service. Briefing attendees are given a personalized URL to run in their own Internet browser.

  3. What MMO games map packs are available on Map Tactic?

    We currently support's World of Tanks (WoT) map pack.

  4. How many people may I invite to Briefing session?

    You may invite up to 100 attendees to any one briefing at any one time.

  5. How many Briefing sessions may I create?

    As many as you would like. Currently, each briefing session may contain one or two briefing strategies. In WoT-speak: Side I and Side II. If briefings are saved they are easily retrievable.

  6. How do I save a Briefing?

    Within the Map Tactic application, press the 'Save Briefing' button, give the Briefing a title, specify the scenario type, and press 'save'. That's it!

  7. What Internet browsers will run Map Tactic?

    Map Tactic will run the most current versions of following HTML5 browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

  8. Wow! I'm an artist! How can I print the Briefing I have created?

    Within the Map Tactic application, press the 'Create Image' button. Ensure that your browser will allow popup windows from the Map Tactic website. Once you press the button a new window will open with an image of your briefing (in JPEG format). Right-click on the image and select 'Save Image As' from the list.

More Questions? Problems?

Feel free to email support or check the Forums for solutions or to report problems.