A better way to collaborate

Planning doesn't have to be a headache. It can be a fun experience for both you and your clan mates. Take a tour of our features and see why everyone loves Map Tactic.

Ease of Setup

Completely Web Browser-Based. Access your plans and collaborative environment whenever you want, wherever you're connected.

HTML5 Compatible - Support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9, and Opera. We've made sure all clan members can easily use our tools, so none of your team mates will be excluded.

Multi-User Access and Control. It's easy to manage and lead your team no matter the structure of your clan.

Ease of Use

Save Sessions for Future Retrieval. We keep your data safely stored so you can always review and refine it.

Easy to Use Drawing Tools and Icons. Not an artist? No matter our simple tools make it easy to show your clan mates what you mean.

Easily Invite Multiple Participants to Join the Briefing. Bring as many clan mates into your huddle as you'd like.

Feature Rich

Support for Multiple MMO Game Maps. Map Tactic can help your clan succeed across a variety of MMOs, and our list is growing.

Load Your Own Maps. Any battle is compatible thanks to our easy map uploading feature.

Secure, Private Briefing Sections. We've got your covert ops covered; only those you invite will have access to your plans.